Debt Recovery, Corporate Insolvency and Bailiff Laws

If an individual of a legal entity is insolvent, insolvency proceedings can be initiated. If the debtor pays a certain percentage of the debt to each of the creditors within a certain period of time (usually several years), the debtor is considered debt-free after the payment period has lapsed and the “quota” has been satisfied. 

If the debtor refuses to pay, a creditor’s debt claims (e.g. those relating to a contract) can be enforced after obtaining an enforceable title (e.g. through court judgement, settlement agreement, etc.). As your lawyers, we undertake all necessary steps to successfully enforce payment by the debtor.


  • Assertion of outstanding invoices
  • Legal dunning procedures
  • Assertion of creditor claims during insolvency procedures
  • Representation of creditors in insolvency procedures
  • Enforcement of enforceable titles
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