Tort Law

The purpose of tort law is to compensate the aggrieved party for any damages the aggrieved party incurred due to the actions of the party at fault. The aggrieved party must be put in a position in which the aggrieved party should have been had it not suffered the damages; the damages are borne by the party at fault.

It must be assessed whether the party at fault caused the damage unlawfully and culpably. Tort law is one of the most expansive areas of law and has enormous practical importance, as damages can occur everywhere (traffic, work, free time, etc.). Our extensive knowledge and years of experience are our key to success in this area of law.


  • Enforcement of claims for damages (in or out of court), e.g. after a traffic accident, skiing accident or leisure accident, after a breach of duty to maintain safety, construction defects, etc.
  • Defence against claims for damages
  • Assertion of warranty obligations
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