Our Areas of Specialisation

Contract Law

A contract governs the mutual rights and obligations of the contracting parties.
Not only does this ensure legal clarity and certainty, but also intends to prevent disputes in the future, anticipating possible issues. A well-thought-out contract is a solid foundation for the subsequent relationship between the parties, as we always aim to achieve holistic solutions. This means that we also take any accessory facts and circumstances as well as current and future situations into consideration when drafting a contract. When it comes to contract law, we, your law practice in Landeck in Tyrol, consider ourselves to be your “one stop shop”:
in addition to drafting the contract, we can also handle the entire contract process for you (i.e. obtain all documents and permits, consult a tax expert if necessary, etc.).


  • Sales contracts
  • Deeds of gift
  • Deeds of transfer
  • Deeds of exchange
  • Rental and lease contracts
  • Commonhold ownership contracts
  • Servitude contracts
  • Usufruct agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Waivers of succession
  • Property developer contracts
  • Leasehold contracts
  • Partitions of land
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