Inheritance Law

The inheritance law governs the legal consequences upon the death of an individual. In general, there is a difference between the intestate succession (if there is no last will and testament) and the testamentary succession (if there is a last will and testament). It is advisable to undertake the necessary provisions during one’s lifetime to avoid disputes over the assets after a person’s death.
Due to the stringent formal requirements for testamentary dispositions (last will and testament, testamentary bequest), the compliance with those formal requirements stipulated by law is necessary for the validity of a last will and testament. We recommend to consult an expert when it comes to all matters of inheritance law.

We actively support you during the drafting of your testamentary dispositions (last will and testament, testamentary bequest), succession arrangements (deeds of transfer, waivers of succession, etc.) as well as represent you in estate proceedings.


  • Last will and testament, testamentary bequests
  • Waivers of inheritance, waivers of reserved share
  • Representation in estate proceedings
  • Handling of estate proceedings
  • Succession arrangements such as transfers or gifts
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